goes beyond sales lead generation. We provide sales and marketing support for your business with our proven 12-point value-marketing system that is an efficient, effective, and economical and on-target which equals an increased bottom line for your business.  The following lists each point of our 12-point value marketing system and describes how it will increase your companies’ bottom line.

  1. Access our weekly Hotel Project Leads Report. Every Tuesday morning will send your weekly project leads report that includes hundreds of hospitality project leads. Your report is sent via email as a file attachment in MS Word, Excel, HTML and .CSV & XML data file format for easy mailing label printing and insertion into your sales software or database such as Sales Force, Hubspot, ACT, MS Access or others. Current reports and past reports can also be downloaded from our website with your account username and password.  You can also search projects in our online project database and initiate contact using the project chat and message center.  Search by location, project type, hotel brand, number or guestrooms, project budget or time line included bid date, start date and completion date.  View project details and download plans & specs. Click for project reports samples or click to see the hotel groups and brands we report on.
  2. Access our weekly Architect, CME Engineers & Interior Designer List. Every Tuesday morning will send your weekly hotel architect, engineers & interior designer list.  Your report is sent via email as a file attachment in MS Excel format for easy mailing label printing and insertion into your sales software.  Each week the report includes a new list of 300 hundred architects, engineers and interior designers who are currently working on hospitality projects and their company contact information address, phone, fax, name, email address and website.  The report is designed to assist our clients in getting their product specified.
  3. Access our weekly Franchised Hotel Renovation Report. Every Tuesday morning will send your weekly franchised hotel renovation report.  Your report is sent via email as a file attachment in MS Excel file format for easy mailing label printing and insertion into your sales software.  Each week the report includes a new list of 200 hundred hotels that are planning their required PIP renovations in order to maintain their franchise affiliations. Information includes the hotel name, address, phone, fax, email, website and next projected renovation year.  The report is designed for our client who are looking to get an inside track on upcoming PIP renovations.
  4. Access our RFP Section and receive requests for projects & services, project pricing and proposals. Winning the contact can be about having the right timing.  Our RFP technology gives our clients’ a competitive advantage by allowing them to respond the pricing requests the minute they are placed.  RFPs are instantly sent via email or by push notification to your smart phone through the Mobile App so our clients’ can follow up with a simple click.  Clients’ can view RFP details and downloads plans and specs.
  5. Customized project lead generation. We work with every type of product or service that goes along with developing and operating a hotel.  We will work with your business to generate the types of leads your business requires. This may include the type of project, brand, location (country, region, state or city) and the stage of development.
  6. Interactive project lead support. We will work with your sales team if they require additional information on a specific project and get your company the information you need.
  7. Your company listing in our Preferred Vendor Directory. Get listed in up to 50 categories and get your company noticed online and increase your ranking in organic search.  The directory is marketed daily to hotels and the top 1000 largest hotel owners, managers and developers as well as on major social media sites.  The directory receives 30,000 pages views per month.  Include your company contact information and description, link to your website, social links, marketing video, and upload profile, product, and project photos showcasing product samples and examples of your work.  Post your lasted company updates in our Vendor News page & with a click share them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.  Member company news posts, job openings & RFP submissions will simultaneously show on the vendor news page and vendor directory listing profile and will help your company get noticed online.  
  8. Hospitality Industry Social Network & Hotel Project Supply Market Place Access. Become a member of the Hospitality Industry Social Network, make connections, build relationships and develop business.  Build your professional profile, post info, photos, videos and share files.  Create discussion groups and forums.  Chat, send messages, conduct video calls and zoom meetings.  Do you want to sell products online or selling wholesale in bulk?  Open a store and sell online in our hotel project supply marketplace included is your company profile and storefront with unlimited product listings for wholesale pricing and bulk sales and an increased internet presence in organic search and online shopping platforms.  Vendors have the ability to accept credit card and check, COD or wire transfer payments.  
  9. Targeted tele-marketing & marketing information distribution. Hotel Project Leads is in constant contact with the hotel and the top 1000 largest hospitality owners, managers and developers, architects, designers, purchasing managers, project managers and general contractors who are looking for specific products or services.  We then match them with our clients that will meet their need and provide our clients’ company and contact information.
  10. Access to our Industry News, Careers section and real estate broker tools including:  Hotel Listings, Broker and Agent support.  Access our industry news page to keep on top of a dynamic constantly changing & evolving industry.  Are you looking the hire? Search professional profiles & resumes or post jobs is our careers section in the areas of hotel management, technology, sales, marketing, security, maintenance, engineering, construction, architecture, interior design and project management.  Job seekers can set up a free professional profile, apply for jobs and upload resumes.  Access our real estate broker tools: list property for sales and create broker and agent profiles.  
  11. Guaranteed bidding and sales opportunities. For every three months that your company is a subscriber to we will work with the hospitality owners, managers and developers to ensure a bidding opportunity for your company. 
  12. Risk free trial with a month to month subscription. We offer a month to month subscription with no long term agreements as-well as longer term discounted subscriptions. The first month is a risk free trial.  If you decide you do not want to continue of the 30 days we will credit your card back. 

Whether your company is large or small our proven 12-point value-marketing system is an efficient, effective, and economical way to market your company and is a great compliment to your sales department.  Turbocharge your marketing and leverage your time and marketing dollars and make an investment that will increase your profits with our incredible value.  Subscribe today we will send you lead reports from the past three months.