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Hotel Project Leads is your full time market research partner and your complete source for hotel, resort, casino, extended stay, serviced residence, timeshare, condo-hotel, mixed-use and assisted living: developments, new construction and renovation projects across the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, The Middle East and Australia.

Are your looking to expand your business or maintain a constant revenue stream?  We are a one of a kind service created to help businesses that manage, service and supply the hospitality industry?  We work with every type of product or service that goes along with developing and operating a hotel putting our clients in touch with project management, bidding and sales opportunities.  We report on projects in all phases of development from a: planning, pre-design, design, pre-construction and construction phase. 

We are in constant contact with the hotels, owners, managers and developers to find out what developments, construction and renovation projects they have upcoming and what vendor’s products and services they are in need of.  Our project research is done weekly prior to each report.  We include all the important project information, who is involved with their contact information including: contact name, phone number, website and email address for the: hotel property, owner/developer, management company, architect, interior designer, purchasing agent, project manager and general contractor depending on the phase. 

We report on all types of hospitality projects and of all sizes and scopes including: full service, limited service, flagged, independent, 5-star properties, mixed-use, service residence, condo/hotels, timeshare, boutique and casinos.  Project types include: all aspects of new construction and renovations of: guestrooms, guest-bath, public spaces, pre-function area, and lobby, meeting space, ball room, kitchen, and office, technology, back of house, corridors, lounge, fitness center, spa, restaurant, pool, PIP, soft-goods, FF&E, OS&E, flag-conversions and exterior renovations.  Click to see the hotel groups and brands we report on.  

In addition to reporting on mainstream construction projects Hotel Project Leads is extremely skilled at finding out about the projects which are under the radar, that no one else knows about and this provides a powerful competitive advantage for your company.  Winning the contract can mostly be about having the right timing.  When Hotel Project Leads works with your company you will be the first to know what is happening in the hospitality industry and most importantly before your competition knows.  Vendors waste countless hours searching for sales opportunities when we can do the work for you.  You will be able to maximize your sales departments’ efficiency and spend your valuable time selling instead of searching for sales opportunities.  If the project is an idea or concept or in the planning, development, pre-design, design, bidding or construction phase, we provide hotel project leads in all stages and of all sizes and scopes.  Additionally our RFP section instantly will send requests for specific products and services to your email or smart phone the minute they are placed.  We also beyond sales lead generation by providing sales, marketing and management support for your business with our proven 12-point value-marketing system and Preferred Vendor Directory.  

Whether your company is large or small our services and marketing system are an efficient, effective and economical way to market and manage your company for a low monthly investment.  We offer the first month as a Risk Free Trial Period.  If you decide not to continue we will credit your card back.  Hotel Project Leads is a must have tool for anyone who provides a product or service in the hospitality industry.  Subscribe today and we will send you lead reports from the past three months and immediately start marketing your company.  Leverage your time and marketing dollars and make an investment that will increase your profits with our incredible value. You have nothing to lose but revenue.  We appreciate your interest in and look forward to helping your business to reach the level you desire.