Evensen Design
807 Nueces
Austin, TX 78701
United States (US)
Erica Volkmer
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Erica Volkmer, the creative force behind Evensen Design, believes that interior design should bring joy. Mindful that hospitality projects should feel comfortable, inviting and rich, but most importantly memorable. The design should reflect the unique luxury experience brand partners offer, and create iconic moments for guests.

Volkmer’s team takes a holistic approach to design, while honoring the architecture, scale, and vernacular to create a strong foundation for the interiors. The firm’s aesthetic is marked by collected, thoughtfully curated interiors—spaces tell a story, and are layered with texture and interest. Evensen Design has garnered a reputation for their ability to combine a range of diverse elements, creating spaces that are both authentic and eclectic. 

Volkmer is a well-traveled designer who draws inspiration from around the globe and embraces a broad palette of colors in her work. She is passionate about preserving historical buildings, and believes that excellent lighting is an absolute necessity. The goal of every Evensen Design project is to enhance the guest’s experience through thoughtful interiors which celebrates the art of curation. Her passion for design fuels her motivation for every project. Sustainability is also an important aspect of the studio’s output: Evensen Design avoids fast fashion, opting instead for timeless, iconic spaces, new and old. Her team also assists clients in curating their own unique collection of art, antiques, and rugs.

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