Mulholland Brand Manufacturing
21260 Deering Cr
Los Angeles, CA 91304
United States (US)
Dan Locke
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Our history in the custom design, fabrication, and installation of residential and commercial gates and fencing began in 1994 and in this time, we’ve gotten to know the terrain like the back of our hand. While LA has some challenging environments, one issue that’s common in LA is the hilly terrain. In many cases, this even prevents other companies from being able to install on certain properties. This is where Mulholland Brand excels. We’re experts in installing gates in challenging environments such as hilly terrains. In fact, this is where our name came from- The hilly terrain on Mulholland drive. We’re the only real manufacturing company in California that produces gates. And, chances are, you’ve seen our products before because we ship to other gate companies who really understand the value in our products. From the beginning through to just a couple years ago, in regards to gates and fencing, we would only fabricate in wood, iron, stainless steel, and glass. These were very popular. Ultimately, we provided thousands of people with our gates and fencing.

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