Simple Shower Solutions
7825 Coronet road NW
Edmonton AB T6E 4N7
Lance Flinkert
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Simple Shower Solutions manufactures Ready to Tile shower pans from one offs, to multiple units, from tub conversions to custom sizes, for new builds or renovations. A one-piece pan made to fit perfectly that installs in minutes and guaranteed not to leak.With our Ready to Tile showers, we can also supply our SimpleWall tile backer kits, seats, benches, shampoo niches, and custom linear drainsWe also supply Cultured Marble showers and wall surrounds, steel showers, steel bathtubs, acrylic showers, shower doors, LED mirrors, and other bathroom accessories for larger multifamily and Hospitality projects.
Banff Aspen - Banff,AB
32x60 Tile Ready Shower pan with custom drain location - tile top linear drain
Banff Aspen - Banff, AB
Standard 32x60 tub conversion Tile Ready Shower Pan with linear drain
Hilton Curio - Des Moines
36x60 Tile Ready Shower Pan with Linear Drain
Kimpton - Toronto, ON
Standard 32x60 tub Conversion Tile Ready Shower Pan with standard drain. Photo taken before tiling the base
Standard Tub Conversion Shower Pans
Linear Drain Tub Conversion Shower pans
Courtyard - Edmonton, AB
Cultured Marble Shower Pans and Walls. Also supplied Shower Doors, Grab Bars, and Sop baskets
Fairfield Inn - Calgary, AB
Cultured Marble Shower Pans, Walls, Foot Rests, and Accessory Ledges.
Custom Linear Drains
Tile Ready Seats ands Benches
Shampoo Niches

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