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CIRQ+ is a retrofittable family AI automation systems for hotels helping reduce energy costs and lowering carbon emissions with plug and play technology. We offer two production ready, revenue generating enterprise solutions, ECOSENSE AI and LUXE. Both capable of being installed in 60 minutes or less in a typical space without any downtime or lost revenue all connecting through our patented mesh network. Both system are the most powerful Smart Hubs in the world providing connectivity, comfort and controls with integrated Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Zway, BLE and LoRa with Matter being (Later 2024) setting up your property for a decade or longer. ECOSENSE AI is an industry first Smart Room-as-a-Service (SRaaS) subscription model for select service properties and limited budgets where energy is the second highest expense. We deliver a free-standing Universal Energy Management System (UEMS) that manages occupancy, Smart HVAC, and smart lighting where we apply adaptive AI to enable saving up to 40% on energy costs and equivalent green house gases (GHG). This unique approach allows spaces to be managed as micro-climate to optimize energy savings. ECOSENSE AI has a tremendous potential for expanding into commercial offices, healthcare, warehouse, multi-family and more with its range and capabilities. LUXE is a full-technology suite designed for upper mid-scale to luxury properties. It includes the UEMS and adds a guest-facing Smart Hub with multi-modal interface that enhancing the guest experience. LUXE was awarded the highest rating by Expedia of any technology tested for guest experience in the industry. CIRQ+ is more than technology, we are a solution doing its part to deliver a sustainable and greener future for all!
CIRQ+ Technology Platforms
Broadest Smart Room platforms ranging from select service to luxury hotels. Upgrade today save tomorrow!
LUXE Full Suite Technology Platform
Full Guest Facing Unified Technology platform for mid-range to luxury, Energy Savings, Guest Enhancement
LUXE Hub with wireless Charger
Most advanced Wireless charging in Hospitality, Mobile Phones, Watches and Airpods in one!
CIRQ+ 212 Base Smart Hub
LUXE 222 Bluetooth Smart Hub
ECOSENSE AI Smart Hub- Delivers Energy Management System, Smart HVAC, Smart Lighting and Occupancy sensors
CIRQ+ Backend Dashboard

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