Silhouette is the innovative, hospitality focused outdoor furniture brand that designs with the highest quality to fit any quantity. All of our collections exhibit premium artistry and style. Every piece is carefully crafted of materials that are both internationally recognized and approved. And behind each oeuvre is a dedicated team working hard and loving work. Our talented team of product managers and designers are fully committed to the technical details, to the artistic processes, and to the global standards of production. Our client and project management team applies their hospitality knowledge and experience every step of the way. Our hand picked team of skilled and efficient suppliers are the ones who–quite literally–make it all happen. Together, we strive to maintain that perfect balance between between form and function; between strong quality and even stronger durability. Silhouette is bringing more than unique, long- lasting outdoor furniture: we’re also introducing a more enjoyable way of doing so. Because in an industry so centered on creating the optimal experience, it’s important that your design experience is met with the same standards. That’s why we go above and beyond with our level of customer service, quality assurance, and client-focused operations. At Silhouette, we’re blending beautiful custom furniture and stunning standard collections with dedicated customer success. We’re mixing high-standards with high-quality. We’re achieving affordable exterior design through dedicated interior teamwork. And most importantly, we’re furnishing the hospitality industry with a smile.