Hotel developer Pennbridge Lodging plans to build a Mariott AC Hotel and a second Element Hotel at 1015 W Grove St in downtown Boise Idaho. Pennbridge, owned by Jared S. Smith, previously developed the Residence Inn on Capitol Blvd. The project would rise 14 stories with a total of 271 guest rooms including a 149 for the AC Marriott project and 122 for the Element Hotel. The building would feature a basement with a small number of parking spaces and utility area. On the first floor, the parking garage for the project would start with an entrance on 10th St. across from Hotel 43, with an internal hotel entrance area. Along Grove St., the two hotels would each have distinct spaces – with the AC Hotel toward 10th St., and Element toward 11th St. Each hotel would include lounge and lobby spaces, as well as small outdoor seating areas on each corner. The second, third, and fourth levels would be made up exclusively of parking garage space or back-of-house functions like laundry. In total, the building would have more than 315 spaces. The Element hotel portion of the building would start on the 5th floor, with rooms forming a ring on 11th, Grove, and 10th. This floor would also feature a pool and spa, as well as a fitness center. Plans for the 5th and 6th floors show additional Element rooms.
The building then steps back to the corner of 10th and Grove for a tower-type approach, continuing through the 13th floor. The building’s top floor includes two roof decks, a banquet room, a boardroom, a bar, and a breakfast area. Jeff Roberts with SERA Design is the project architect.  
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