Finnery Crossing developers Rieley Properties and Snyder Commercial Properties are partnering with Erik Hoekstra of Redstone Development on a 2nd new hotel in the Finney Crossing neighborhood in Williston, Vermont. Hoekstra is the managing general partner of both the existing 100-room Hilton built in 2020 and the proposed 115-room hotel, which will be sited at the corner of Holland Lane and Market Street. The landowner and official project applicant is Rieley Properties and Snyder Commercial Properties the partnership of Rieley and Chris Snyder that has created the mixed-use neighborhood that now includes a variety of national and regional restaurants and retailers, as well as a mix of condominiums and apartments. The hotel is sited on one of three remaining unbuilt lots in Finney Crossing. On the drawing board for the other two remaining lots are an apartment building and a multi-tenant commercial building. In contrast to the Hilton hotel, the new hotel is designed in an L shape and with a sloped roof, in accordance with the new form-based code.

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