Ocean New Jersey – Specialty Lighting celebrates light with our launch of Confetti where small stuff can create big effects. Confetti is our all new 1” family of products providing the tools necessary to design great lighting while the 1” aperture virtually disappears in the space. The Confetti family’s array of options includes recessed downlights, wall washers, an adjustable eyeball and surface offerings in the form of tiny monopoints and pendants. Some of the recessed offerings brag less than 2” of plenum intrusion while delivering over 450 lumens at 90+ CRI and 50+ R9. The snap in place installation allows fixture reconfigurability before, during and after the construction process.
“We think Confetti is a celebration of miniaturization. Our clients are constantly telling us smaller is better, provided performance is not compromised, ceiling integration is thought through and specification grade quality is maintained. Confetti checks all these boxes and more. We even offer a custom hole saw to recess the plaster flange its exact thickness for a flawless completely flush finish,” said Awi Salomon, Executive Vice President at Specialty Lighting. Confetti is available and ready to ship so have some fun and throw some confetti to light your
space. Check out the details at www.specialty-lighting.com

About Specialty Lighting: Specialty Lighting believes revealing architecture is best realized without seeing how it’s achieved. We live at the intersection of light and architecture. Specialty’s reputation is built on its blend of craftsmanship and creative engineering. Providing unsurpassed levels of product customization, configurability and functionality our fixtures enable designers to express their individuality.