Hampshire, IL – BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD, a leader in the construction industry with roofing, sheathing and soundproofing products, offers SOUNDSTOP, a high-quality fiberboard that deadens sound transfer from room to room.

An eco-friendly and cost-effective option, SOUNDSTOP fiberboard suits soundproofing and sound insulation needs and can be used for effective application on walls, ceilings, and floors. SOUNDSTOP meets national codes and building standards and is ideal for homes and commercial buildings where noise transmission from room to room needs to be eliminated.

SOUNDSTOP allows for a continuous sound barrier across the entire wall blocking sound transfer though studs and the wall cavity. This provides superior performance to intermittent acoustical batt insulation design. The continuous barrier is the same concept utilized in laminated gypsum products; however, a system utilizing SOUNDSTOP instead can deliver great STC results at a fraction of the cost. Stopping the movement of the sound or shock vibrations to the other side, SOUNDSTOP can block out heavy traffic, blaring horns, airports, and other exterior noises.

“Not only is SoundStop easy to afford, but it offers great value and resale value for single and multi-family homeowners as well as commercial property owners,” said Mike Taylor, director of sales and marketing at BLUE RIDGE FIBERBOARD.

SOUNDSTOP is made from organic materials including hardwood fibers and can be installed on both existing and new surfaces by placing the fiberboard on both sides of standard wall partition.

In addition, SOUNDSTOP is now UL certified for the 1-hour fire rating in a load bearing wall system when installed behind drywall.


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