The hotel is planned for a property at 215 Cracker Barrel Drive. The project was designed by JSA Architects of Tulsa, OK. Project Description: 112 Guestrooms 69,724 SF 4-Story Wood Framed Hotel Scope: Temporary Site Facilities, Temp Office, Storage Trailers, Rental Equipment, Construction Signage, Survey & layout, Temp & Final Cleaning, Dumpster Services, Testing Services, Geo Pier Foundation Support System, Earthwork, Topsoil, Erosion Control, Storm Drainage, Bio-Retention Ponds, CMP Underground Detention System, Septic Tanks, Gal Grease Trap, Roof Drainage, Termite Pre-treat, Site Utilities, Guardrails, Segmented Block Retaining Walls, Extruded Curbs, Asphalt, Striping, Parking Bumpers, Site Signs, Site Concrete, Stained/Sealed Concrete, Stamped Concrete, Curb & Gutter, Post Curbs, Integral Curbs, ADA Ramps, Concrete Flumes, Sidewalks, Interior Pool, Guard Rails, Aluminum Pool Fencing, Aluminum Railings, Retaining Wall Fence, Landscaping, Irrigation, Fire Pit, Concrete Footings, Building Concrete, 3/4” Gypcrete, Reinforcing Steel, Precast Stone Sills, CMU Masonry, Brick, Precast Stone Wall Copings/Caps, Structural & Miscellaneous Steel, Steel Handrails @ Stairs, Steel Tube Canopy Framing, Wood Trusses, Lumber Materials, Rough Carpentry, Fiber Cement Siding, EIFS, Finish Carpentry, Millwork, Wood Base, Wood Ceilings, Closet Shelving, Shower Pans, Tub/Shower Surrounds, Cultured Marble, Undermount Sinks, Quartz Window Sills, Stone Tops, Vanity Tops, Batt Insulation, Sound Insulation, TPO Roofing, Standing Seam, Aluminum Clad Soffits, Window/Door Flashings, Caulking, HILTI Fire-Caulking, Gutter & Downspouts, Fluid Applied Air & Water Barrier, Waterproofing Foundation, Doors/Frames/Hardware, Barn Doors with inset mirror, Storefront, Auto Doors, Aluminum Windows (Anodized) Integral PTAC Grille, Framed Mirrors, Drywall, Texturing, Porcelain Tile, Quarry Tile, Resilient Flooring, VCT, Carpet, Millwork Base, Vinyl Stair Nosing, Vinyl Base, Painting, VWC Install, Acoustical Ceiling Tile, Toilet Partitions, Toilet Accessories, Grab Bars, Awnings, Lockers, Ventless Fireplace, Flagpole, Corner Guards, Operable Partitions, Access Panels, Fire Extinguishers, Linen Chute, Fire Sprinkler, Plumbing, Shower Doors, HVAC, Fire Alarm, and Electrical. 
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