Property owner Atlantic 3350 LLC, managed by Maria Laura Barbato and German Neuss are planning to build a mixed use tower to include a hotel, residential units and retail located at: 3300, 3308, 3322, 3340, and 3350 E. Atlantic Blvd & 15 S. Ocean Blvd in Pompano Beach, Florida. The site currently has a Walgreens store, a three-story office building and a small retail building. All of those structures would be demolished, although Walgreens would become a tenant on the ground floor of the new building. The project would total 647,925 square feet. The 21-story tower would have 77 multifamily units while the 19-story tower would have 110 hotel suites with 180 keys. The hotel is designed as an extended-stay hotel with full kitchens and living rooms. Some suites will have separate bedrooms and could be rented as two rooms, or combined into a single room. The pedestal connecting the two towers would have an 11,640-square-foot Walgreens, 10,602 square feet of retail and restaurants, and 328 parking spaces. There would be an amenity deck atop the pedestal with a pool, Jacuzzi, bar, restaurant and banquet facility. There would be space on the side of the parking garage for artistic murals. Richard Berrie, of Berrie Architecture & Design is designing the project.
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