The Patriots Point Development Authority Board and Bennett Hospitality broke ground on a five-phase, 15-year development project in Mount Pleasant South Carolina. The Patriots Annex project is a $300 million development that will include three hotels, restaurants, entertainment, shops, three office buildings, parks and an amphitheater. Developers estimate initial construction and submitting of remaining plans will start in fall 2023. Michael Bennett of Bennett Hospitality are planning the development which includes Cooper Carry Architects. The largest hotel, the Grand Patriot, will sit towards the back of the property at 250 rooms. The other two hotels will have 100 to 150 rooms. The first step in construction is to move the visitor parking lot due to much of the proposed development being built on that land. A new parking lot will be moved to accommodate visitors and tourists. The project will take about 15 years with five phases to complete.
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