Developer Eustice Mita unveiled plans for a 168-room hotel on Beach Avenue, in Cape May New Jersey that includes the site of the former Beach Theatre and other properties on the block. Mita plans to put $100 million into the project. The project is being designed by Dave Schultz of DAS Architects. Mita presented plans for ICONA Cape May to City Council and iff approved and built, it would join ICONA properties in Avalon, the Diamond Beach section of Lower Township and another Cape May location at 1101 Beach Ave. Mita plans to submit an application within the next 60 days. The project would cover the area from Stockton Place to Gurney Street, including the site of the former theater and the stores in front along Beach Avenue, as well as another line of shops on Gurney and a bike rental place next door. The seven-story property would include a rooftop pool and 268 parking spaces on four interior levels. The project would include retail on the ground floor of the proposed new construction, to house restaurants, cafés and other businesses, and a ballroom on the second floor, and a restaurant with water views. Mita, owns ICONA Resorts and the home construction company Achristavest.  
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