Snowbasin operators of the Weber County Utah ski resort are moving forward with ambitious plans to build a 300-room Club Med hotel on Snowbasin grounds, add new retail offerings and upgrade some of the lifts that haul skiers. Some of the work is already underway and hotel construction is to be complete by the end of 2024. The new Club Med hotel is to be built on the grounds of the Old Day Lodge and Wildcat parking area, southeast of Earl’s Lodge and the main Snowbasin resort complex. Work is to start in 2022. Work on the resort village, is to start in 2025. The ground-floor space will tentatively be earmarked for retail operations while second-floor space will be reserved for lodging, perhaps condos, though Snowbasin reps have yet to work those details out. Longer term, operators contemplate additional change, addition of an expansive complex of lodging north of Earl’s Lodge, in what is now parking space and wide open terrain. East West Partners is aiding in that element of the plans. Davy Ratchford, the ski resort’s general manager.
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