We at PiD are different to a standard Procurement Agent. This is why: We take advice from the relevant leading party i.e. Owning Company, Project Manager, Design Team and/or Operator on quantities and specifications of the FF&E / OS&E. We then source alternative suppliers on an ‘equal or approved’ basis. The vast majority of our supply network is based in Asia, predominantly China, where we have our regional office based in Guangzhou. Quality levels are monitored by the PID team– we also oversee the management of logistics to fall in line with the Master Program and scheduling. Procure It Direct also take full Contractual Responsibility on Delivery, Time and Quality. International Warranties are offered as a minimum.

We usually generate savings of between 30 – 40% and in some cases, more.

In addition to the Hotel sector, we operate in the following arenas:

– Commercial Office properties
– Schools and Education
– Student Accommodation
– Military supplies (non-defence)
– Staff Housing
– Pre-Fabricated Housing
– Retail
– Restaurants (in particular high street ‘chains’
– Aviation & Airports


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