The Cedars Lodge and Spa is planned for 211 Seventh Avenue W in downtown Hendersonville North Carolina renovating the historic 1914 Cedars building. The existing Chariot cafeteria and meeting space will be demolished and replaced with two five-story buildings & underground parking deck. The project is being developed by Shipman Trust managed by Tom Shipman with Tamara Peacock Architects performing the design. The scope includes the historical restoration of the Cedars building, restoring it into a boutique hotel, and preserving the west lawn. Two five-story buildings will be built next to the Cedars housing additional hotel rooms and condos on the upper floors. A 300-plus capacity conference room will be on the ground floor of one building along with a sports bar.  There will be 128 hotel rooms and an additional 72 condos.  For more information on this and other upcoming hotel construction and renovation projects in the planning, design, pre-construction and construction phase including who is involved and their contact information and Preferred Vendor Directory please visit: and subscribe today.

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