I am an electric heat distributor with products from 3 manufacturers available and am interested in adding electric floor heat, snow and ice melt and ice dam prevention products to the projects being built. These are obviously luxury items and items that make hotels, commercial buildings and residences more comfortable and safer to access. IE… tile floors, parking garage entrances, north facing building entrances, roofs over hanging walkways subject to icicle hazards.

Tile is a cold but durable and easy to clean product. It is specified in many hotels, commercial buildings and residences. It is always better warm! Adding this to the bathroom floor will make the room warmer and more comfortable. These can be individually controlled or controlled by a multi room system control. Multi room system control will allow the hotel or commercial building maintenance to operate the floor heat at a suitable temperature and keep operating costs down.

Parking garages and north entrances. These areas tend to get snow and ice built up and make them dangerous or hard to navigate. Having a snow and ice melt system in place to operate when needed keeps these areas safe to use. I have many systems to aid in making all of these possible and cost efficient.

Roof ice dam and icicle prevention is a critical area of concern especially in mountain towns and resorts. Eliminating ice dams and icicles should be a major consideration for these buildings.

Please let me know if I may be of assistance with any of these areas of interest.

Thank you for your time,

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Cliff Shumate