Ten years ago, Lyndsey and Jeff Glasener had an aha moment. “While on a walk, I told Jeff I wanted to create my own tile line,” saysLyndsey, who, together with husband Jeff, has more than 50 years in the tile/stone industry. Both embraced the idea in thought and action, and soon, Sabine Hill was born. Today, the encaustic cement tile manufacturer is heading toward its 10th anniversary and growing in every aspect. Last year, Sabine merged operations with its partner factory in the Dominican Republic, expanding its offerings from 50 designs to over 400 patterns, added a three-dimensional line and French pavers. With a warehouse in Miami and a home office in Wisconsin, Sabine Hill covers a lot of ground, serving any residential, hospitality or other project installation that welcomes its dynamic offering. “Black and white or full of color, the design possibilities of concrete tile are endless,” both say.  Sabine Hill brings modern and organic designs to the tradition of cement tiles, a technique that has been around since the late 19th Century. We have partnered with a Caribbean-based factory that has been making these tiles for over 70 years – a state of the art facility, with a production capacity of more than 4,000 handmade tiles per day.  www.sabinehill.com